About this webinar and our presenter

About this webinar

Over the past months, our approach to community building has changed. Universities no longer have the luxury of face to face contact with their communities and they have to rely heavily on their social media channels. Needless to say, HE social media teams have risen to the occasion and in many cases lead the way.

This webinar will cover some of the best examples of social media community building during challenging times and highlight the importance of a strong social media approach for both content and strategy.

Key takeaways:

  • Celebrating the ingenuity and creativity of social media in higher education
  • Understanding the use of social media for internal communication
  • Examples of how to encourage meaningful user-generated content
  • Aligning the right message to the right channel

About Dan

Daniel is a social and digital media consultant, speaker and trainer. He founded 448 Studio in 2018 which specialises in developing workshops for the education sector, with the aim of teaching people to connect with their audience through social media. Daniel previously worked with the Vancouver & London Olympic organising committees as well as the Commonwealth Games. He has also worked in Higher Education crafting social and digital media for the University of Glasgow; which earned him a CIPR Gold award for best use of social media along with HEIST and PRiDE awards for most effective use of social media.

He moonlights as an artist and if you look on his twitter you're likely to see mostly pictures of his dog.

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