Next programme starts 12 May 2021

Our first session is on 12 May but registration will remains open until 18 May 2021. If you miss week 1, we'll catch you up.

Transform your leadership to generate impact, success, personal growth and fulfilment

If management is a skill, leadership is a state of being. It is less about job titles and role descriptions, and more about how we show up in the world and to those around us. True leaders influence others through connection and inspiration, elevate people to their highest and best, and create change and new possibilities for themselves, their teams and their organisations.

This group coaching programme uses an ontological coaching approach to help those stepping into leadership, or growing existing leadership skills, to really find their authentic leadership style.

Ontological coaching explores how we are being in the world in order to shape and inform what we might be doing. It gets to the core of who we are as unique individuals in order for us to really own our growth as leaders.

This programme is not about finding out the “right” way to be a leader, but about finding your own path to leadership.

Structure and topics

Week 1 - Uncovering your “why” in this work: defining purpose and goals

Week 2 - Authentic leadership: discovering the unique essence of your leadership style

Week 3 - Getting out of your own way: revealing automatic behaviours that hold you back

Week 4 - Doing more with less: transforming your relationship to time

Week 5 - Saying no, yelling yes: making and empowering choices and decisions

Week 6 - Being the clearing: leading and managing other people

Week 7 - Conflict and resolution: having difficult conversations with ease and compassion

Week 8 - Getting complete: releasing the energy of past experiences to move forward.


The programme takes place through 8 x 90-minute group coaching sessions, all conducted online.

Each coaching week will have a theme, and exercises or practices to complete before and after the coaching session. Exercises will largely be self-reflective, and will occasionally be done as teams or in partnership with a buddy. We don’t relate to them as “homework” and they can take as little or as long as you wish.

The group will have access to a private slack group. This is for members of this programme to network, share and discuss topics between sessions. This can also be used to confidentially seek support.

For people signing up for the enhanced coaching plan, they will also have 4 x 60 minute individual coaching sessions, all with Tracy Playle. These coaching sessions will be scheduled at your convenience and however you feel best suits your timing and pace through the programme. They may also be used after the programme.

Who is this for?

This programme is designed for those who are stepping into or stepping further up within a leadership role in university marketing and communications.

It’s designed for people who are likely to be at a “manager” or “head of” level in their career, where leading and managing other people is part of the role. You may be just stepping into your first director-level post, or looking to make that move in the next few years.

Let's get started

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